A U T U M N / W I N T E R   2 0 1 6 - 1 7

G O  N O R T H 


Charlotte Pringels Autumn/winter 2017 collection is inspired by the work of Young Melbourne-based photographer Brooke Holm. Her photographic series ‘Arctic’, explores the unique landscape of the northernmost region of the world. On an expedition that started in search of beauty, silence and isolation. What inspired us was the obvious fragility to the North that awakened an inner desire to protect it. It reveals a rare aesthetic in an effort to raise awareness, not only of its existence, but also of the prevailing impact of a changing climate.

By using different textures, we tried to create a contrast between fluid fabrics and edgier materials. The cut is clean and comfortable, wide fitted pants, straight cut dresses, combined with long textured cardigans. The thick and compact materials evoking a structured and innovative silhouette. The colours are soft; ecru en powder pink are mixed with ice-cold tones of grey, navy and military green. The materials are authentic and pleasant to the skin, with the purity of viscose, cashmere wool, leather and suède.




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