Charlotte Pringels is a Belgian Fashion designer. She entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp / Fashion Department in 2007 and graduated in 2012 from her master (MA) degree.

Charlotte is challenged by the boundaries of clothing. Her looks can be described as pure and elegant with eye for tradition, craftsmanship and unique materials.  The research for the correct proportions and shapes is as important as the result itself. She uses classical elements as a reference point. Experimental techniques, new textures and new combinations lead to the making of new garments, without loss of authenticity and reality.

Inspiration can be found in different areas, this can be art, literature or science etc. Each witness (such as newspaper articles, images, …) can open up a new world for her, when she put these elements in a different context.The pieces are one of a kind, unique in design, fit and fabric use.


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